Baby Boy Klosterman

Arriving in Late May, 2011

Ultrasound images of Andy and Nikki's baby:

 First ultrasound image, a profile shot  
Second ultrasound, image1 (I guess there's a baby in there, somewhere...)  
Second ultrasound, image2 (Any suggestions as to what we're looking at?)  
 Third ultrasound, first image.  A sort of head-body-profile shot.  
 Third ultrasound, second image.  An arm and hand.  
 Third ultrasound, third image.  A foot.  
 Third ultrasound, fourth image.  A view of the baby's face.  

Ultrasound videos:

Baby's First Ultrasound

Second Ultrasound

Baby's third ultrasound

Baby's Room

A work in progress

More decorations in the Baby's Room

Baby's Room Panorama (new page)

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